Thursday, August 14, 2014



Feel sad and, in a strange way, angered by actors whom I at one time somewhat respected putting out trash like Expendables 3, Red 2, or whatever else Hollywood spews out these days. They don't need the money (My God Jason Statham has brutally disappointed since Snatch and Layer Cake), they need to be "loved".   They need approval.  They need validation that they "matter" (staring directly at you Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Tim Robbins, et al).

And now people are so upset that a guy who hasn't done anything relevant in 16 years decided to get his name on the marquee one last time. Someone who couldn't retire quietly and with dignity.  It must be depressing indeed to live only for other's  adulation.  And when the masses turned their fleeting attention to the next bozo, it was too much to take.

I felt nothing. Not out of (I hope) being cynical, but because why would I?  He always reminded me of a circus clown, a one trick pony that jumped out of a vw bug and ran his schtick.  And then peeled off his makeup, sulked back to his trailer and stared despondently into the mirror asking - who is the fairest of them all??

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William Kaberlein said...

World's Greatest Dad was critically acclaimed (2009). But I am not sure whether he did anything relevant in the last 16 years is relative. It does not seem to serve the purpose if your name is on the marquee but you are too dead to enjoy it. I guess I think I see more depth in Dead Poet's Society, Fisher Kings, and even Good Will Hunting than you. You cannot say those roles were the same as Mork or his standup.
While I will give you the right to feel he was a clown (which I take you mean to be pejorative) and a one trick pony. But I ask you then to give me that he was perhaps one of if not the best clown and had trick that no one could equal. I could easily see myself not having the strength to take on Parkenson's or alzheimer's or any other debilitating, long term disease. From what I have seen he did not continue to lead a life seeking attention, granted the media may see it as too early to be non-flattering.