Sunday, October 30, 2011

waking up from crazy dream - realize all dreams are crazy, that crazy dreams are normal.  are there people that dream of making bacon and eggs, balancing their checkbooks, watching two and a half men?  these dreams would be abnormal.

shower first thing.  always have great ideas at this time.  showering in middle of day does not provide same inspiration.  link to recent contact with dreams?  today's inspiration is to send email to hockey loving raggedy ann met at bar last night.  know first name and little else.  act on one in 4 of these early morning shower inspired ideas - of the others, about half are realized to not be good ideas after all, while the others are overcome by lethargy, apathy and procrastination.

think about alternative outcomes.  usc scored apparent tying td in 3rd ot, however marqise lee stepped out of bounds by half inch at 4 yd line on review.  if game was 10 years ago (of course no ot) there would not have been a review.  if marqise (nice derivation on the spelling) just stays in bounds...  instead curtis mcneal fumbles ball on next play, game over, stanford still alive for mythical nc.  plane leaves 45 minutes late due to computer malfunction.  man has seizure 1 hour into flight.  would he still have seizure if plane not delayed?  what would have been the situation if seizure occurred during turbulent descent?  this is what drives people insane and leads to dreams about changing baby's diapers.

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