Thursday, February 05, 2009


so espn has decided to totally rip off fox sports and start doing countdowns of the greatest things in sports - greatest super bowl plays, best hockey fights, top 10 kobiyashi hot dog pukes, etc. it's weird that it's exaclty the same format as fox, complete with rapid fire images of the number they are on. i guess there is no copyright on the list idea, and apparently people, especially sports people really like lists. anyway, i was at oc's and they were running down the top 20 dunkers of basketballs of all time and they were on like #10, i think it was larry nance (who was a bad ass dunker indeed). as soon as i saw the topic, i knew MJ would be #1, as he is #1 in every one of these lists that he is eligible, including #1 worst golf gambler and #1 worst hitter of the curve ball for the birmingham barons. turns out i was right, and this infuriated me so much (apparently had a short fuse that day) i had to do my own top 4 list.
4) Dr J. he was obviously so ahead of his time, but in general i don't give credit for being in a different era. when I compare Shaq and Wilt, i just think could Wilt cover Shaq in both of their primes? (short answer - no). but the doc could throw down with the best of em, the quintessential one for me was over Coop in the finals. it was over after that.
3) MJ. i definitely underrated him in my mind because most of my memories today are of the last 3 seasons with the bulls and the horribly conceived willie mays with the mets show he did with the wizards. but seeing the highlights reminded me of the major throwdowns on Ewing and Mutombo. #3 is not where his airness is used to finishing, but still not too shabby.
2) Dominique. dude was just a freaky athlete and was strong as a bull. i don't remember him having much of a jump shot ( i may be wrong about that) so even with guys playing off, he still attacked and beat them to the tune of 26,534 points. and the windmill was always a winner for us short white boys on the 8.5 foot rim.
1) Vince Carter. i do not like his game. i do not like his attitude (at least my perception of his attitude, i could easily be convinced otherwise over a beer). I do however like watching Vinsanity throw down inconceivable one handed alley oops in traffic. he must have giganto hands (take note ladies). and even at 31 he still can out athlete alot of nba players. but there was a 2 to 3 year span in the early 00's that every time i caught a game he was in that i would spew my beer all over and scream a chris tucker "DAMN" (not really on the Damn part) after a particularly vicious dunk. he is a mind blower.

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